Our Story

We are an independent cabinet manufacturer that is revolutionizing the industry. Inspired by machines like the typewriter that advanced and transformed the speed at which we communicate, we have developed state-of-the-art manufacturing processes to bring you high-quality, custom cabinetry faster than anyone else.

Saw for cut doors
"Everything happens in the kitchen. Life happens in the kitchen." Andrew Zimmern

Our Team

Things move fast around here so we assembled a talented team of expert individuals who can keep up with the pace. Our experienced team enjoys problem solving and getting things done. Our passion for precision – in machinery and our work – means we care about getting it right the first time.

Our Process

In a world where companies claim innovation, we prove it through our process. We source the highest-quality raw materials, continuously research and develop new products, invest in the latest technologies, and perfect best practices.

Rail Car Stop
0 Melamine Press
0 Clean Room
1 Inventory
2 Cutting
Saw for cut doors
Auto Production Line
Edgebanding Cooling
Assembly 2
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We have our own rail car stop to unload our weekly shipment of premium grade cores at our panel storage building. Panels are transported daily to our lamination and machining facility.

Our manufacturing facility has their own in-house melamine press. Every panel is processed through this machine using heat and pressure to create the texture for our Shift series, or to balance the board prior to performing acrylic lamination.

Panels requiring specialty lamination go to our cleanroom environment to get an impeccably smooth surface required for high-gloss and matte lamination. Removing dust particles from the air prevents surface inconsistencies that would leave a small blemish in the final product.

Laminated panels are stored in our automated inventory system. Using a robotic arm, panels are called from inventory and fed into our pre-programed saw for cut-to-size parts.

The automated saw is programmed to cut our standard 4'x 8' panel with minimum waste. A robotic arm moves the cut parts to a conveyor system to continue machining.

Industrial strength suction cups easily move the cut parts from machine to machine to prevent damage.

Using a barcode system, cut parts are scanned as they enter into an automated laser edgebander. The machine applies a seamless edge on all required sides without any human involvement. This state-of-art technology is the only automated process from inventory to finished components in the US.

Once the cut parts are edgebanded they move into a picker rack before inspection.

After parts are inspected, they palletized by job and taken over to our assembly building.

For protection against damage, our cabinets are enclosed with carboard box ends on both sides.

Then, the order is crated for extra protection during shipping and delivery.

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You’ll notice we love vintage typewriters, the keys were the inspiration for our logo and we like them to use them as décor, but there are faster ways to reach us than writing a letter.

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